Simple Suds and Stuff all natural laundry soap works in our home, we want it to work in yours!

All Natural Ingredients

Laundry Soap

Our handmade all natural laundry soap is a simple, yet effective recipe of:

~ Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)  Environmental Working Group (EWG) rating:  1

~ Washing soda (sodium carbonate)  Environmental Working Group (EWG) rating:  A

~ Organic, Vegan Castile Soap Environmental Working Group (EWG) rating:  1

~ Organic essential oils 

That’s it!

We use no Borax in our recipe, there is no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or any optical brighteners either.  Our all natural laundry soap will lift out dirt and grime from your laundry and leave laundry super soft and clean. 

You only need 1 ounce OR 2 tablespoons in your washing machine to clean your laundry.  A little powder goes a long way!  We do suggest placing the powder directly into the basin for best results.  Oh and Simple Suds work fine in HE washing machines, the recipe is low suds!  Our suds are also perfect for fine washables.

Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls

Our handmade Alpaca wool dryer balls are made from 100% organic USA Alpaca fiber.

There are no fillers in our dryer balls.  Our dryer balls are colored with organic dyes which will not transfer to your laundry. 

The benefits of using dryer balls in your dryer are many which include:

~ Dryer balls contain NO synthetic fragrances or dyes

~ Reduces dryer time as the dryer balls aerate your clothing

~ Reduces static in your laundry

~ Reduces wrinkles

The best part about the dryer balls is you can drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil right onto the dryer balls for any scent you like in your dryer.

Your dryer balls will last for 1000’s of loads as they are wet felted.