Simple Suds and Stuff all natural laundry soap works in our home, we want it to work in yours!

100% Alpaca Wool Dryer Ball, proudly hand crafted in the USA


Organic Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls

Our dryer balls are hand made to order.  There will be slight differences in sizing, we also cannot make any special orders on any specific colors.  

Why should you use dryer balls instead of liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets?  The answers are many.

~Dryer balls remove static naturally

~Dryer balls reduce dry time as they aerate clothing

~Dryer balls will reduce lint build up

~Dryer balls will last for 1000s of loads

~Dryer balls made from 100% alpaca wool are hypo-allergenic

~You can scent your dryer balls with your favorite essential oils

~Dryer balls are eco-friendly

~Dryer balls are just pretty to look at

How many dryer balls should you use per load of laundry?

This depends on the size of your load, we suggest 3-4 for large loads and

2-3 for small or medium size loads.  The more dryer balls you use in your dryer,

the faster your laundry will dry.  This saves you $$$ in the long run.

Ditch those dryer sheets and fabric softeners which contain nasty chemicals!